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    Hi everyone,


    I’m looking to purchase a used KNK force unit, since sources for new/refurbed ones seem to have completely dried up. I’ve seen a few threads on this forum of units for sale, but they are all older, and most ask to publicly post an email address, which is a bad idea (SPAM!).

    If anyone out there is looking to sell a unit, please let me know, and I’ll figure out a way we can get in contact with each other without having to post our private email addresses on this public forum.

    I’m looking to pay a fair but  reasonable price for the unit (i.e. a bit less than the asking price for a refurb on this site, since the unit won’t be warranteed). Final offering price will depend on whether/what accessories are included. I’m happy to cover shipping costs, but a U.S.-located unit is preferred, since I don’t want them to get too outrageous.


    Thanks all!


    Lisa Schneider

    I was just going to post my KNK Force for sale.   Never used aside from setup.  I tried to set it up and run trials, (less than 12 trials on mat), but I never caught on to KNK.

    I have all the bells and whistles.  Also included in the sale is the KNK Force Rotary Tool, Embossing Tool, Engraving Tool, Force Punch/Piercing Tool, KNK Force mat guides (Left and Right — 2 sets), Universal Scraper, Extra Rotary Bits for the Rotary Tool 1/16″Single Flute Endmill  & 1/8 ” Scoring Tool.  I think I also have the blue blade storage unit.

    I purchased the KNK Force about 18 months ago.  I have never used it except to attempt to set up.  The Rotary Tool and added blades have never been used.  The Embossing, Engraving, Force Punch/Piercing Tool have never been used.

    I am asking $550 for all plus $35 shipping.  The weight for shipping is approximately 26 pounds.

    You may email me at laschneider2@comcast.net if more information is needed.  I also have pictures available I would be happy to send you.  Please respond with KNK Force in the Subject line.



    Looks like I am buying Lisa’s! Thanks everyone!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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