what vinyl can i use to put on a wine glass?

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    I want to cut out names to put on the bottom stem of a wine glass. I’ve never used vinyl on this type of media. I’d love to hear any advice on what to use and how to apply so that it’s waterproof.




    Darrel Farris

    You’d want to use a “permanent outdoor” type of vinyl, such as Oracal 651 or GF CC5500. They won’t be dishwasher-safe, but handwashing is perfectly fine.  Just let the adhesive on the vinyl cure for a few days on the glass before you get the glasses wet.

    You can also adhere vinyl to plastic tumblers, the underside of transparent cutting boards or plates, glass blocks, vases… All sorts of things!



    Thank you Darrel.



    One last question. Do you cut this vinyl in reverse or use transfer paper to apply?



    On the wine glasses, it doesn’t need to be cut in reverse since you are applying it to the outside.  Yes, you would use vinyl transfer paper to apply it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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