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    Butch Zaborniak

    I went back to Ethernet cable for 2 reasons.

    #1 Disappointed that Wifi Adapter is “N” but the brand new Forces is “G”

    I imagine it would be tough on big cuts but not there yet to test it out since im a       Noob.

    #2  When setting up the wireless network, its supposed to open a new browser window but with Chrome as my deafult it doesnt work.  It opens an IE window and defaults to a MSN page.  IS this normal or a conflict?
    Im just making aware of this issue but I just went back to Ethernet cable for speed.

    One thing I did notice about wireless setup, yes there is a 90 sec wait, but a window should pop up for status complete.  the very first time I thought the process was hung and tried restarting but it had already finished some of the process and already assigned an IP to which I couldnt connect again unless I unplugged adapted and replugged back in to start process over again.

    Just giving a heads up, thats all

    Darrel Farris

    Thanks for the feedback, Butch!  The wireless setup can indeed be tricky.  Windows might prefer to use its system browser when doing the setup in the wifi “captive mode” since it’s interacting with system settings that Chrome may not have access to.

    When using C3, the majority of the traffic happens when interacting with dropdowns and settings changes.  It’s not a lot of data, but it can be a steady stream.  Once you get to the cutting part, all of the rendering and cutting instructions are done using the Raspberry Pi inside the Force so you’re network traffic at that point is more about monitoring the cut than sending the cut.

    You don’t really need a fast network connection, you just need a steady one.  Wireless can often be unsteady, but an ethernet cable is both fast and steady.  I personally leave my Force’s WiFi in standalone mode and have a static IP set on the ethernet connection.  It gives me two ways to access my Force.

    Butch Zaborniak

    What is the difference for “Stand alone” mode?
    Any advantages/disadvantages?

    right now im on local network via ethernet cable and doing fine.
    Learned so much in 2 days and once the “excitement” is over, back to the manual for detailed readign


    The Pros and Cons for each connectivity are presented in a table in Section 2.02.2 of the Force UM.

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