Zing Air not working properly!

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    Hi everyone! I’ve been using my Zing Air for the past year or so and have been loving it. For the past week, it has been cutting badly. I only cut glittered cardstock and I’ve had good results before. I figured that the blue blade might have dulled so I ordered a new blade holder with the 5 blue blades package.

    When I used the new blade holder with a new blade, there seems to be a clicking sound that I haven’t heard before. The cuts also got worst and corners also didn’t cut properly. I’m thinking this has to do with the blade holder as the old blade holder doesn’t have the clicking sound.

    I’m currently using my old blade holder with a new blue blade. Some cuts turn out fine, but for some of them, when I do the second cut, it doesn’t line up with the first cut thus producing 2 cuts that are around 1mm apart. I’ve wasted a lot of glittered cardstock (20 to be exact) and am still trying to figure out why the cuts won’t line up.


    Please help!! Thank you in advance!


    First, make sure you still have Blade Offset turned on.  Then, check your speed. If a blade is being force through a material faster than it can cut that material, then the mat will begin to skew.  It’s also possible the new blue blade’s tip got chipped. If it’s just a tiny bit, then the blade will still cut but it will be more difficult for it to cut…. thus further explaining the result you’re seeing.  You can also cut glitter cardstock with a red blade, which is a little less likely to get chipped, so maybe try your red one to see if you get better results. The red one typically needs a higher force than the blue one but if you see it easily cutting the red cardstock, then you’ll know, for sure, the blue one is damaged.

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