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    I’ve tried all afternoon to cut a single design n foam.  Set knife point to corner of foam sheet Cutting blade moves 3″ in and starts cutting eventually running out of foam sheet  12×12 sheet, 10×10 design.

    With the above continually happens or the cutter will begin then move to the left and stay there.

    Or the blade will go diagonally off to the right, making a loud noise as it moves and bangs against the right side unit i turn off the machine.

    I am abou to the point of putting it up for sale and using my exact knife to cut a design!!!!!! What am I doing wrong.

    I’ve read the manual and all of the setting are correct.



    I replied on the MTC Forum but I’ll say the same thing here. This COULD be due to a bug that’s in the Zing Plugin that was never fixed by the developer.  I want you to try again, but just use the test pen and paper so that you don’t waste any material.  I don’t want you to use the up/down arrows when setting the origin for the cut.  You can use the left/right arrows but otherwise, lift the pinch wheels and slide the mat forward or backward to put into position instead of pressing the buttons. Then see if you have the same issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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