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    To all Zing Orbit Owners: Because several customers have experienced issues with the blade holder getting stuck in the down position during a cut, KNK USA is now recommending that fewer Post It notes be used when setting the blade tip height. Specifically, I was asked to change the recommendation from 20 to 15 anywhere I had listed it as 20.

    I have modified the user manual accordingly and I’ve retested most of the materials and made a few adjustments to the suggested cut settings. I found that most materials were still cutting well at the recommended settings, so any differences I found may have very well been due to a difference in my blade sharpness between the original testing of that material and today’s testing. A few materials still show a Blade Ht recommendation of 20… those are materials not tested by me. I’ll have to wait for confirmation before editing that data.

    You may continue using 20 Post It notes, if you’re not having issues. However if you discover that the head is getting stuck down, resulting in some of your shapes not cutting correctly and you have cut lines through your project, the cause may be due to having the blade holder positioned too high above the project.

    Also, remember that any time you are using the blue capped blade, only 10 Post It notes should be used. This blade is cut on both sides to make it extra sharp and that also means it’s extra fragile. You don’t want the blade hitting the material with too much thrust.

    Post if you have any questions or concerns. ?

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