Zing Orbit Not finding second registration mark

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    The first project ran fine but now when I try to run the next project (exactly the same) it doesn’t want to find the second registration mark. It looks a few times then all the lights turn red on the machine.

    Also, why are other machines on YouTube have a laser light you use to line up to the reg marks and for this it says to line up the blade carriage. Am I doing something wrong?



    Hi Robert,

    Did you make any changes to the Mark Offset setting under Cutter>Cutter Settings?  What material are you printing on?  Have you watched to see if the optic eye is scanning the very corner of that second mark or is it over something else?

    Regarding your second question, the Zing Orbit is the newest model and has an optic that scans versus a laser light that had to be manually positioned at each reg mark.  Thus, print and cut applications on the Zing Orbit are termed “automatic” verus “manual.” This optic eye is something that’s been requested by KNK owners for years because of the effort it saves and the improved accuracy, especially for our customers who had difficulty in aligning a laser light accurately.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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