KNK Force Cutter

The first dual head plotter with a true Z axis


What is the KNK Force cutter?

The KNK Force is a dual-head, computerized plotter with a twist. Most “conventional plotters” use a solenoid for a cutting head. The KNK Force cutter uses a motor. This means it is a true 3 axis cutter!

Why two heads? For twice as much action! In one step you can stipple and emboss, emboss and cut, engrave and cut, draw and emboss… the possibilities are endless!

The KNK Force cutter is for makers. Whether you’re a crafter, DIY enthusiast, student, teacher, inventor or business owner, the KNK Force is the perfect tool for you!

The KNK Force is Powerful!

With our new head design, we have approximately 8.8 lbs of force (both up and down). That’s over 5X the cutting pressure of the KNK Zing and Zing Air! And with our new blade holder design, we still have the ability to cut delicate materials, like vinyl.

The KNK Force Has a Rotary Tool Option!

One of the motivations behind our new head design was the ability to use a rotary tool. In order to properly control a spindle, we needed to be able to do a few things:

  • Control the plunge speed
  • Control the depth
  • Lift the weight of a heavy rotary tool

This optional attachment greatly expands the range of materials the Force is capable of cutting and engraving. We’ve been cutting materials, such as wood and PVC at 1/8″ thickness. With a few more adjustments to the firmware, we should be able to achieve 1/4″ with some materials!

Image showing a reg mark and how it appears to the user on their computer monitor or smart device

The KNK Force has a Camera!

We’ve always taken the stance that traditional craft cutter optic eyes have some shortcomings. For example, they have difficulty recognizing registration marks in low-contrast situations. We’ve developed our own take on an “optic eye” by using a built-in camera. This grants us the ability to do both automatic and manual print and cuts as well as easily calibrate any combination of accessories in the dual cutting heads.

The KNK Force is Smart!

The KNK Force has a built-in computer, allowing you to open and cut existing SVG files. Also, you can control the KNK Force from virtually ANY device with an operating system! Plus, you can seamlessly switch from one device to another. Send the file from your PC or Mac, then switch to your smartphone or tablet, while standing right next to the cutter!

We’ve also made sure the KNK Force will work directly with other software applications. For example, Make The Cut will support the KNK Force, allowing you to bypass the built-in KNK C3 software. In other words, if you’re used to cutting with a cutter like the KNK Zing Air or MAXX Air, you’ll be right at home.

Image showing a reg mark and how it appears to the user on their computer monitor or smart device

The KNK Force is Wireless!

We wanted the KNK Force to be a true network device. Now you can add it to your home network via Ethernet or connect to it via WiFi (included with every KNK Force).

The KNK Force Has Built-in Storage!

The built-in storage and drop down table allows you to store all of your tools, blades, blade holders and other goodies, to help keep your work space clutter free!

Order yours today!

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