The most advanced and powerful

The new KNK MAXX has more power, higher plotting resolution, and more features than ever before. It will be available in two models – the MAXX SOLO with a single head and the Maxx Duo with dual heads.  With 2000 grams of force, these new models will empower you to cut an even wider range of materials.

With its high resolution camera, automatic registration tracking can be achieved even when printing on dark or transparent substrates. Want to print and cut using kraft cardstock? No problem!  Want to print and cut on clear shrink plastic? You got it!

The newly engineered optional flatbed system keeps your materials running flat and tracking better.

The new MAXX is incredibly accurate! Cut as small as 0.04in / 1mm upper case text on vinyl.

The LCD touchscreen provides a fresh new user interface providing you with better control over the cutter and more user options. With USB flash drive support, you can now open PLT files and cut independently from a computer.


When will they be released? 
Shipping Fall 2018

How much pressure does it have?
Each head has a maximum cutting pressure of 2000g.

What programs will it cut from?
Sure Cuts A Lot 4  will have official drivers. Other plotting software packages with a generic HPGL driver may also work with limited functionality.

What is the maximum cutting width?
SOLO: 24in/610mm wide | DUO: 22in/559mm wide with a single head and 17.5in/445mm if utilizing 2 heads

Will it use the rotary tool?
No. The MAXX’s independent cutting heads are traditional cutting heads (solenoids and not motors).

What connection options will it have?
True USB, Wifi, USB stick

Will it have a Pause feature?

How many pinch wheels does it have?

What will it retail for?
SOLO: $1199USD | DUO: $1299USD

When will it be available in Australia, South Africa, UK, Canada, etc?
The Fall release date is based in USA. We will have more details on availability in other countries as we get closer to the release date.

Will it be able to use the Orbitizer?
No. The Orbitizer is unique to the Zing Orbit.

What will be the overall dimensions?
35.5in/902mm x 9.74in/247mm x 24in/610mm (W, H, D) with tables
35.5in/902mm x 9.74in/247mm x 11in/279mm (W, H, D) without tables

What will it come with it?
15x15 red cutting mat
1 blue blade holder
USB cable
Test pen
1 standard material blade
1 thick material blade
Power cable

What is its maximum speed?
30in/762mm per second cutting speed
38in/965mm per second up speed

What kind of PNC technology does it use?
Camera for PNC

Does this mean there won’t be a new Force?
Yes and no; Although we are not “officially” replacing the Force, the MAXX SOLO & MAXX DUO are the result of technologies we experimented with on the Force. We’re taking advantage of the benefits while doing away with certain complexities that made the KNK Force more difficult to master.



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