Glitterflex Ultra


Introducing Glitterflex Ultra!! It has the widest color selection on the market: 84 amazing colors to be exact. This glitter product has an easy-to-use sticky carrier, which makes weeding a snap.

*Only sold in 2 yard increments.

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*The colors shown are digitally reproduced for printing purposes and are not 100% accurate.


Please note some colors may not be available at time of purchase and will take an extra 4-5 days for shipping as long as the vendor has it in stock!!

All back ordered colors will be shipped separately from the rest of your order if placed with additional items in your cart.

Take note of color changes:

Rainbow Red is changing to Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Pink is changing to Rainbow New Pink

Rainbow Dark Pink is changing to Rainbow Cotton Candy

Rainbow Light Green is changing to Rainbow Green

Rainbow Yellow is changing to Rainbow Pineapple

Neon Yellow is changing to Neon Electric Yellow

Neon Green is changing to Neon Key Lime

Neon Pink is changing to Neon Electric Pink

Neon Redis changing to Neon Coral

Neon Orange is changing to Neon Bright Orange

Neon Purple is changing to Neon Bright Purple

Neon Blueis changing to Neon Bright Blue

Holo Purple is changing to Holo Bellflower

Holo Red is changing to Holo Cherry

Holo Blue is changing to Holo Aquatic Green

Holo Green is changing to Holo Shamrock

Holo Gold is changing to Holo Gold Rush

Holo Silver is changing to Holo Silver Sparkle

Holo Grey is changing to Holo Tungsten

Neon Opaque Yellow is changing to Neon Opaque Lemon

Neon Opaque Green is changing to Neon Opaque Lime

Neon Opaque Pink is changing to Neon Opaque Rose

Neon Opaque Red is changing to Neon Opaque Coral Pink

Neon Opaque Orange is changing to Neon Opaque Papaya

Neon Opaque Purple is changing to Neon Opaque Violet


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