MUTOH LED-UV Ink 220ml


The MUTOH’s LED-UV ink has been specifically developed for MUTOH’s specialty/industrial UV printers. The ink is also available in white and varnish colors. The white ink will produce excellent results onto colored or transparent media. The varnish ink will allow you to create a luxurious or specialty finish.
Available in cartridges & bulk ink packs, the MUTOH’s LED-UV ink features the best-in-class ingredients for ultra-sharp, high quality outputs. They are moreover completely VOC-free and do not contain any hazardous air pollutants (non-HAP). 

MUTOH’s LED-UV ink allows printing on both roll and rigid substrates and on a wide variety of products and their prototypes, even 3D objects. Our LED-UV printers integrate an energy-efficient long-life LED lamp which will instantly cure the LED-UV inks and deliver safe & ready to use prints. No heat is released in the process, which means even printing onto heat-sensitive materials is possible.

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