Printable Outdoor Banner Vinyl Scrim 36″ x 50′ 490gsm 15mil


For Aqueous Printers
Aqueous 17 mil Smooth Scrim Banner Matte

Scrim vinyl banner, 15mil (375μ) caliper, to which is applied a proprietary IJ porous coating. Compatible with dye and pigment aqueous inks, although pigments are recommended to resist fading. Water resistant acer drying.  Works on all popular brands of aqueous wide format IJ printers. Can be laminated with pressure sensitive and thermally activated films. For use in a wide variety of point of purchase, displays, posters, and banner applications.

Parameter                          Test Method                       Value

Support Material                 DIN 60001                            100% polyester yarn

Thread Count                                                              18×12…per inch, warp and weft

Denier                              DIN EN ISO 2060                   300D*500D

Caliper                                                                      15 mil (375μ)

IJ Receptive Coating                                                      proprietary porous coating

Color                                CIE Spectrophotometer            L*a*b* …91, +1.8,–‐8.5

Weight                              DIN 53352                            440 gsm

Gloss Level                        DIN 67530                            5 (matte)

Opacity                             DIN 53146                            87%

Durability                                                                    6** months, outdoor, without lamination

IJ Ink Dye and Pigment inks.  For best results, use OEM original pigment inks.

Lamination; Pressure sensitive and thermally activated laminates. Dry 24 hours before lamination

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