Zeronine NexGen and Legacy FX-R Refill Ribbons (Tubed)


NexGen Ribbon Chemistry consists of a broad range of spot, process, and specialty foils. It is a high end product for an affordable price. You can save at least 35% over the OEM ribbons. Many of our foils are also transparent which when used on reflective or backlit signage gives of a luster of brilliance.

Legacy ribbons are the original formulation brought to you since 1998. We are proud of our history, and therefore aren’t afraid to keep selling what has been proven to be successful. Legacy process colors are known for their vibrancy. Our Mirrors, Metallics, ShadowCasts, and Hologram ribbons are all found in our legacy product line. Foils are available in many different lengths. Legacy process color foils are known to be more vibrant and eye catching than any alternative. Using Legacy ribbons will save you at least 40% over the OEM.

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