UPDATE (3-13-2018): We just received an update from our logistics team and the shipment will be released today. If it is released before 2pm today, we will received the shipment tomorrow morning. If released after 2pm, it will arrive on the 15th.

We have received a lot of questions in regards to the shipping date for the KNK Zing Orbit 15″.  Originally, the container was due to arrive on the 28th of February. However, the ship was delayed due to weather and it arrived today, March 7th. It is now currently going through customs. We have been told that our container will be released Monday the 12th and will arrive at our facility on or around the 13th.

Once the container arrives, we will being shipping immediately. All back orders are estimated to be filled within 2 – 3 days once the machines arrive.

Sorry for any innconvenience.

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