The KNK Zing Orbit


Increased Cutting Force

The KNK Zing Orbit has ~1000 grams of cutting force to more easily cut dozens of materials including vinyl, cardstock, HTV, fabric, Mylar, craft plastic, chipboard, and more!

KNK Zing Orbit front

2-Way Communication

Unlike previous Zing models, the ZIng Orbit uses RTS/CTS flow control signals. This means that instead of relying on software to send packets (or chunks) of data at a time, the Zing Orbit asserts when it is ready to receive more data. This creates a faster / more consistent form of communication. As a result, the Zing Orbit can also perform extremely complex jobs without experiencing buffer overruns.

Available in Both 15″ & 24″

The prior 14” cutting range has been expanded to 15” in the new Zing Orbit.

And we’re very excited to announce a new 24″ model, as well!

15 inch and 24 inch Zing Orbit

Automatic Registration Tracking

The KNK Zing Orbit is equipped with an Automatic Registration Tracking system (aka ART). This allows for faster and more accurate automatic print and cut applications!

render of the cutting head
top view of the KNK Zing Orbit

Fully Adjustable Pinch Feed Assembly

With the KNK Zing Orbit, we’ve done away with the stationary design. The pinch wheels can now be individually arranged in more convenient locations to cut materials ranging from 3” to 15” wide (up to 24” on the larger model). We’ve also added a single pinch feed lever which raises and lowers all 3 wheels
(4 wheels on the 24” model).

Metal Flatbed Tables

Optional for the 15” Zing Orbit and included with the 24” Zing Orbit are easily attachable/removable flatbed tables.

KNK Zing Orbit with the flatbed tables
Zing Orbit side view

USB + WiFi Connectivity

The KNK Zing Orbit can be connected via USB or wirelessly via WiFi. Communicate directly to the Zing Orbit in stand-alone mode or add it to your existing home or office network.

Designed for Add-ons

Stay tuned for more announcements. We have “out-of-this-world” accessories planned for the new Zing Orbit!

KNK Zing Orbit accessories port

Mark directly on to spheres

KNK Zing Orbit marking on a sphere

Mark directly on to cylinders

KNK Zing Orbit marking on a cylinder
With the optional Orbit Accessory, you’ll be able to mark directly onto spherical objects, like eggs and Christmas Ornaments.

**Orbit Attachment sold separately**

Multi-Colored LED Lighting

KNK Zing Orbit LED light strip
Max Cutting Width 15 Inches | 24 Inches
Max Cutter Opening 19.5″ (Zing Orbit 15) | 28.5″ (Zing Orbit 24)
Max Cutting Pressure (Force) ~1000g
Max Speed 30in/sec diagonal
Connectivity USB & WiFi
Alignment for Print & Cut Automatic Registration Tracking (ART)
# of Pinch Feed Wheels 3 (Zing Orbit 15) | 4 (Zing Orbit 24)
Bladeholder Seat (Jaw)  Adjustable to 0.825″
Machine Dimensions(HxDxW) 5.75  x 6.8 x 26.5in (Zing Orbit 15) | 5.75  x 6.8 x 35.5in (Zing Orbit 24)
Machine Weight 21.16 lbs (Zing Orbit 15) | 27.6 lbs (Zing Orbit 24)
Software Sure Cuts A Lot (Optional)
Warranty Full 12 month warrany (Extended 12 month warranty optional)

Now Shipping!

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